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Meeting you where you are.

Getting you where you want to be.

Impact Training Ashland is a community of people looking to feel stronger, move better and be 'fit' to do the things they love. We offer kettlebell classes, general fitness classes, mobility/stability classes as well as personal or small group training.

ITA is in partnership & shares a facility with Ashland Hero Academy Jiu Jitsu. Membership of either program includes all of the benefits of the other.


Current Classes

Move Well, Move Strong

If you're looking to enhance your movement, reduce pain, increase strength, and improve your aerobic capacity, MW/MS Classes are perfect for you. Our classes concentrate on enhancing movement by utilizing a full range of motion, developing overall strength through intelligent resistance training, and increasing volume capacity. We use calisthenics, Kettlebells, barbells, mobility training, and more to help you achieve a level of fitness that will benefit your daily life and enhance your performance in your favorite activities. Our classes are adaptable to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced athletes.

Preventative Maintenance

This 30-minute class, held twice a week, concentrates on enhancing the mobility and stability of frequently injured or irritated areas of the body. By utilizing purposeful movements and smart resistance training, we will target the entire kinetic chain to enhance both mobility and stability. This class is perfect for weekend warriors, aging athletes, or anyone who experiences the effects of repetitive motion or inactivity.


Your membership at ITA comes with access to all AHA classes. BJJ, Kickboxing, and Tai Chi are offered multiple days a week.

 AHA Schedule


Kettlebell 101 Course
Starting JULY 16th

  • Learn the “Big 6” Fundamental Kettlebell Exercises

  • Increase Strength, Mobility, Endurance & Coordination

  • Classes Tues/Thurs @ 7:30am, Sat @ 8am for 8 weeks

  • $250 for all new members*

  • Contact Dan via or 503.545.8285 with questions or to reserve your spot.

  • Registration to Kettlebell 101 will include Access to all AHA BJJ/Impact Training’s Classes


*Family of current members receive a discount

Our Services


General Membership

A Member of Impact Training will have access to all classes from ITA as well as all of AHA Jiu-Jitsu's classes. Members also have 24hr access to the building to workout on their own time.

Single membership: $150/mo

Family Memberships

For only $250 per month, a single account can be shared by two or more family members. This is an ideal choice for families who wish to train together or for parents who want to attend fitness classes while their children participate in BJJ.

Personal/Small Group 

 Are you looking for more accountability or to dive a little deeper into some movements from class, then book a private session with any ITA coach. 

Bring a friend or two for small group to decrease the price and increase the fun.

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